Excursions and things to do in Alanya

Excursions and things to do in Alanya

Things to do for a wonderful and unforgettable holiday in Alanya

There are many opportunities in Alanya that offer very pleasant holiday memories to Alanya holidaymakers. A dream vacation is not an ordinary issue for Alanya. Alanya’s tourism actors have good experience to offer you a dream vacation. You can be sure about this. All you have to do is research a little and evaluate the detail of what is offered to you according to your own preferences, and decide what is right for you.

Quality and bad is like shades of gray, not black and white, in all resorts around the world. What is good for some can be bad for another. Here is the same in Alanya. You can see the shades of gray by doing some research for quality service and make a decision accordingly.

When we say Alanya, in terms of tourism, the borders of Alanya extend beyond the city of Alanya. 25 km before Alanya is still called Alanya, and 15 km beyond Alanya is called Alanya. This is how it is offered to many vacationers. Perhaps this issue is not a subject of criticism. The distance of your holiday hotel from Alanya center is never a negative issue. This issue is actually a positive issue for many vacationers. Many vacationers do not prefer a holiday in the city center. Alanya offers very good holiday options in this respect.

Things to do in Alanya

There is a wide list of activities to do in Alanya. Depending on your vacation time, there are a lot of activity options you can do. There will not be much choice for activities to be done during a 1-week Alanya holiday. During your 1-week Alanya vacation, we recommend you daily boat trips, and either rafting, or jeep safari tour, or Alanya tours such as ATV quad safari tour and so on. However, you can also consider a daily Pamukkale tour from Alanya during your 1-week Alanya vacation. Unfortunately, the situation that will offer many activities to holidaymakers who come to Alanya for a 1-week vacation is not a very optimistic issue. We would like to say “Have a good holiday in Alanya” to 1-week Alanya holidaymakers in addition to the wish of “Have a good holiday in Alanya”, but the holiday appetite will not have a chance to go beyond the sea, sun, sand, food and drink during the 1-week vacation period. At least this is the case for many vacationers!

As Vigo Tours, we try to offer holiday options by dividing Alanya vacationers into 1-week or 2-week periods. Our main idea here is to focus on the expectations of Alanya vacationers and offer options that fit their preferences. Alanya section of Vigo Tours web page contains very detailed information for Alanya vacationers. In addition, the customer service team of Vigo Tours works 24/7 to answer questions to be asked by Alanya vacationers via email or whatsapp. Vigo Tours customer service team does not bother to sell you Vigo Tours trips, but they try to inform you correctly when making the right and appropriate decision according to your preferences.

Vacation in Alanya cannot be done without participating in Alanya tours!

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Alanya excursions and activities are the “must-have” of the Alanya holiday. There are so many enjoyable things to see, visit and experience in Alanya that it is recommended that you experience a few of them in some way.

Alanya tours and things to do

Alanya atv quad tour, you can participate in this half-day activity. You can experience Alanya scuba diving tour, which is a full day activity. Daily boat trip in Alanya attracts great attention by everyone. With a daily boat trip to Alanya, you can see the sea caves around the Alanya castle and have plenty of swimming opportunities during the tour. For the Alanya boat trip, pick-up and drop off from Alanya and surrounding hotels is included in the price. Alanya Jeep safari tour gives you a different pleasure in your Alanya holiday with a wonderful tour program. Alanya jeep safari tour will allow you to have a very enjoyable day thanks to its content that is far from adventure, entertainment, culture and city atmosphere. On the jeep tour in Alanya, lunch in the attractive restaurant by the Dimçay stream in Alanya countryside and the pleasure of swimming in this charming stream will provide you with a wonderful holiday memory.

Pamukkale trip from Alanya

Daily Pamukkale trip from Alanya offers you a great opportunity to experience this very important natural wonder. Alanya Pamukkale day tour departing very early in the morning returns to Alanya at about 22:00 at night. Pamukkale day trip from Alanya is possible every day except Wednesday and Saturday.

2-day Cappadocia trip from Alanya

Cappadocia must be seen! We recommend that you experience Cappadocia even if your holiday in Alanya is 1 week. If the weather conditions and reservations allow you to take a hot air balloon tour in Cappadocia, you will have a great experience. Seriously think and plan your Pamukkale tour and Cappadocia tour from Alanya during your Alanya holiday!

Rafting experience in Alanya

River rafting tour along the Köprüçay river flowing into the Mediterranean within the borders of Köprülü Canyon National Park is another enjoyable activity you will do in Alanya. Pick-up and drop off from Alanya hotels is included in the price for this full-day delightful tour. At the end of the day, you will have the pleasure of having a wonderful Alanya rafting experience.

Scrub and full body massage in Turkish bath in Alanya

With this 2-3 hour activity, you can experience a traditional Turkish bath and get a wellness massage. Prepare your skin to be cleansed with a scrub massage in the Turkish bath of Alanya for a wonderful and long-lasting tan! It is recommended to do the scrub and wellness massage in the Alanya Turkish bath at the beginning of your Alanya holiday.

The Land of Legends theme park tour from Alanya

Remember to join the daily tour from Alanya for “The Land of Legends theme park”, which is called Turkish dizneyland in Antalya, and join it at the first opportunity! Vacationers who prefer Alanya should definitely experience this wonderful themed park that they will enjoy tremendously!

Daily Manavgat waterfall tour from Alanya and Aspendos, Side tour

With this daily tour, we will go to the town of Manavgat, 65 km west of Alanya, and visit the world famous Manavgat waterfall and take a boat tour on the Manavgat river. You will also be able to visit the big public bazaar of Manavgat on this tour. You can also take a tour of Aspendos and Side and see the magnificent Aspendos ancient theater and have a wonderful tour of the ancient Side peninsula. On the ancient Side peninsula, you will also be able to see the Apollon temple located on the east side of the Side ancient harbor.

Sunken city Kekova and Santa Claus Church tour from Alanya

Join the daily tour from Alanya (3 days a week) to the sunken city of Kekova in the west of Antalya and the ancient city of Myra in the town of Demre and the church of Santa Claus and have a wonderful and enjoyable day! You will enjoy an indescribable pleasure from a boat tour along the sunken city of Kekova island. You can see and buy hundreds of different kinds of Christian icons from the icon stores next to the Santa Claus Church.

Fire of Anatolia dance show tour from Alanya

Join the legendary “Fire of Anatolia” dance show from Alanya every Tuesday evening at the Aspendos arena, and experience this world-famous dance show! To make a reservation, visit the Alanya section of the Vigo Tours website or call Vigo Tours! If you want to go by yourself, consider the Vigo Tours “ticket only” option!

Green Canyon tour from Alanya

Experience an unforgettable “escape from the city to nature” tour with the Green Canyon boat tour organized in the Oymapinar dam lake in the west of Alanya, north of Manavgat town, on the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. This wonderful tour includes all soft drinks during the boat tour, and a buffet lunch at the restaurant by Oymapınar lake.

And swimming with dolphins in Alanya

We offer the opportunity to swim with dolphins every day in Alanya as a half-day activity. You can watch the dolphin show during your holiday in Alanya and swim with the dolphin after the show. Make your dream of swimming with dolphins come true on your Alanya vacation with Vigo Tours!

Experience Alanya paragliding!

Would you like to glide from the 700 meters altitude hill of Alanya to Cleopatra beach like a bird? With Alanya paragliding, glide from the skies of Alanya for 20 minutes and land on the famous beach of Alanya and enjoy this indescribable great pleasure!

Vigo Tours is always happy to support you so that your holiday in Alanya is going well within your expectations. The Vigo Tours team, and the service providers with whom Vigo Tours cooperate, try to do their best to offer you an unforgettable holiday experience.

Vigo Tours does not only offer tours and excursions in Alanya. It also offers private airport transfer service from Antalya airport or Gazipaşa airports to Alanya hotels and all hotels around Alanya. The transfer vehicles used in the airport transfers service are new model vehicles, all of them are air-conditioned, and they provide transfer services by strictly following the traffic rules.

Please feel free to write your questions to Vigo Tours on any subject about your Alanya holiday, via email or whatsapp. This service is a free service of Vigo Tours. It doesn’t matter whether you are our customer or not. It will be a great pleasure for us to support you in your Alanya holiday.

We wish you a wonderful holiday in Alanya with your loved ones and children.


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